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Levi's® Carpenter Loose Straight Jean

Product Features
* denim
* 100% Cotton 11oz. Denim
* Zipper Fly
* Loose Fit with Straight Leg
* 20" Leg Opening
* Sits low on hip

Product Description
Six Pair limit per customer.

Customer Reviews
Good Jeans, ONLY Style I Wear, February 6, 2010
By A. Blinkmann
Awesome jeans they may wear out over time like any other clothes but it all depends on how you wash them or in how you wear them. They have the perfect spots for a cell phone on the middle right leg along with a pack of 5 Gum. On the left middle leg you also have that 5 Gum option as the pack is just the right size to cram in the pocket. The other pockets are big enough to hold standard items. The rear may wear out quickly where the pockets meet on the middle of the pants, I think it is due to the thickness there but a patch can fix all that quickly. Have only had this happen over about 9 to 12 months (one pair) and when the pocket got snaged on a chair with slits in it for the seat. Overall they are the only type of Jeans I wear or recommend. The space for the croch is just right most days and when sitting in a chair for a while not terrbile pinching like with some other styles.


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